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Intelligent Manufacturing & Materials Laboratory


We create and apply new methods for digital transformation. The IMM Lab is an interdisciplinary research team devoted to developing and applying novel technologies for academic and economic breakthorugh in manufacturing industry. Specifically, we develop a host of methods to enable meaningful data achivement from mechanical system, machine learning (ML) based new process or new material development, additive manufactured functional 3D & 4D parts and digital twin (DT) system. We are applying these technologies for highly efficient, functional and safe systems.


“Artificial Intelligence + Manufacturing  + Materials Science

for Academic & Economic breakthrough”





May 5, 2022

Eunheok Seo, Taekyeong Kim, Hayeol Kim and Hongryung Jeon have published a paper “Laser Powder Bed Fusion for AI Assisted Digital Metal Components” in Virtual and Physical Prototyping (IF 8.09, world JCR ranking top 7%). Congratulations!


Mar. 11, 2022

Taeju Bak and Eunhyeok Seo have published a paper “Accelerated design of high-efficiency lead-free tin perovskite solar cells via machine learning” in International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology (IF:5.671, world JCR raking top 7%). Congratulations!


Jan. 17, 2022

Seobin Park, Eunheok Seo, and Hayeol Kim have published a paper “High Strength Aluminum Alloys Design via Explainable Artificial Intelligence” in Journal of Alloys and Compounds (IF:5.316, world JCR ranking top 7%). Congratulations!


Oct. 29, 2021



Oct. 5, 2021

Hayeol Kim and Young Tak Koo have published a paper “Selective Laser Melting Process for Sensor Embedding into SUS316L with Heat Dissipative Inner Cavity Design” in Metals and Materials International (IF:3.642, world JCR ranking top 20%) on Congratulations!


Aug. 17, 2021

KSME A.I. Summer School Announce

A.I. Lecture by Prof. Jung : “Artificial intelligence based metal manufacturing process and materials development”  (Deep learning and GAN applications in manufacturing, Microstructural-Mechanical Properties Predictions, Titanium, Aluminum alloy development, AI+3DP)iOS 이미지


July 6, 2021

Eunhyeok Seo has published a paper “In vivo analysis of 3D-printed Ti-6Al-4V implant fracture post joint-preserving surgery to treat bone with cancer” in Bio Design and Manufacturing (IF: 6.302, world JCR ranking top 18%). Congratulations!


July 6, 2021



June 1, 2021

IMM Lab in mixed reality. We hope to create K-JAVIS soon! 



We have open positions for M.S. & Ph.D and postdoc. (contact: [email protected])


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